Lead with Excellence

Congratulations! We completed the vision.

We have successfully completed our five-year capital campaign, Lead with Excellence. Together, we raised over $21 million, making this one of the largest campaigns in GFA history.

Lead with Excellence, fueled by your generosity, transformed our campus, providing new, state-of-the-art facilities for our outstanding academic, arts, and athletic programs. In addition, our endowment increased significantly during this time to over $44 million, including $3.5 million in new funds.

The campaign is a testament to the dedication and commitment of our community. Students, faculty, and staff for decades to come will benefit from all that you made possible. You have created a lasting legacy at this school, and for that we are forever grateful.

The Vision Completed

  • Global Studies Center (September 2015)
  • Janet Hartwell Performing Arts Center (October 2015)
  • The McGrath Gallery (October 2015)
  • Six Court Squash Facility (December 2016)
  • Dedicated Wrestling Gym (November 2017)
  • Janet Hartwell Legacy Fund (Endowed at over $2,700,000)
  • Fitness Center (opening Fall 2018)


The Janet Hartwell Legacy Fund, an endowed fund, will honor long-time head Janet Hartwell’s commitment to academic excellence, curricular innovation, and providing an independent school education to a wide range of students. The Fund will support two key priorities in perpetuity:

The Student Scholar Program honors Janet’s commitment to students who demonstrate a love of learning, a commitment to the concept of community, and who will live a life of purpose. The program:

  • supports students who qualify for a GFA financial aid grant; have outstanding academic records; and demonstrate a passion for the arts, athletics, or one of GFA’s Signature Programs;
  • attracts a wide range of applicants, including middle-class families who may have thought an independent school education was out of reach;
  • provides access to a population of students who will gain admission to top colleges, and who have the academic, athletic, and artistic skills to improve every class, inspire their peers, and encourage ever-greater excellence from our already outstanding faculty; and
  • expands and broadens our socioeconomic community.

The Visiting Fellow Program is a jewel in the crown of leading schools that value not only the life of the mind but also applications of knowledge that fuel science, arts, government, business, social enterprise, environmental responsibility and so much more. The program:

  • allows us to bring distinguished speakers, innovative thinkers, and dynamic teachers to campus for extended periods of time to work with our PreK-12 students and enhance our already robust curriculum;
  • deepens our Signature Programs, providing a distinctive and distinguishing aspect of our current offerings; and
  • elevates the profile of the school and enhances the student experience.


The Janet Hartwell Legacy Fund will secure and broaden GFA’s future and put us in a position of strength as we recruit and welcome our new Head of School.

Janet's Legacy

For the last 15 years, Greens Farms Academy has grown dramatically and thrived under the leadership of Janet Hartwell.

The outstanding facilities and programs that our students enjoy today are a result of her vision, commitment, and dedication, along with her ability to unite our family of students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, trustees, and even grandparents.

With a 22% increase in enrollment during Janet’s tenure, GFA has become one of the leading independent day schools in Connecticut. The success is due in large part to the expansion and enhancements that Janet has accomplished in her time here.

New Facilities

  • Cafeteria Expansion
  • Lower School Expansion
  • Middle and Upper School
  • Classrooms and Labs
  • Science and Performing Arts
  • Classroom Wing
  • Athletics Expansion (Turf Field, Tennis Courts, Softball/Field Hockey Field, Squash Facility, Wrestling Gym)
  • Global Studies Center
  • Performing Arts Center

New Concentrations and Programs

  • World Perspectives Program
  • Human Ecology and Sustainability
  • Seed to Table
  • Global Online Academy
  • The Center for the Study of Boys and
  • Girls Lives at UPenn

Completing the Vision: A Conversation with Our Division Heads