Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

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To give to GFA is to cast your vote for our mission and for the people, programs, and facilities that allow us to fulfill it.

It is also a demonstration of your faith in our commitment to make the most of each gift, regardless of its size. The Annual Fund sustains and enhances what makes GFA life-changing: a diverse and thriving student body, passionate and caring educators, and exceptional opportunities.

The enthusiasm and spirit of our donors and volunteers were matched by that of our students, staff, and faculty participating in the festivities on campus. Together we made May 11 a day to remember, creating new traditions and setting a new standard for philanthropy at GFA. 

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And the winners are...



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Why I Give

Why I Give

In celebration of GFA’s first-ever Giving Day, we’re honoring the people that inspire our bright future as an institution. In the video series, “Why I Give,” we celebrate their tried-and-true spirit of our motto, “Each for All”.

Read More about Why I Give: Gail Gibb
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Tumblers & Towels

Every 25th donor wins a tumbler — every 100th wins a beach towel!

Jeff and Anna Taylor P '29, '32 (Tumbler)

Eric and Jennifer Roth P '31 (Tumbler)

Jimmy and Kirstin Powers P '26, '28, '31 (Tumbler)

Nancy  Fishkin P '92, '95 (Towel)

Devin and Meeghan White P '25 (Tumbler)

Grace McGonagle '19 (Tumbler)

Karyl McGill Fac/Staff (Tumbler)

Soundari Krishnan and Shiv ShivKumar P '16, '22 (Towel)

Alexandra Wagner '18 (Tumbler)

Lee Isenstein '87 and Rebecca Isenstein P '22 (Tumbler)     

John and Alexandra Reynolds P '16, '19, '22 (Tumbler)

Thea Sullivan '84 (Towel)

Arthur and Ria Rassias P '21, '27 (Tumbler)

Ananth Krishnamurthy and Mary Inagami P '18, '20, '22 (Tumbler)

Emil Blanco and Lauren Singer P '25, '26 (Tumbler)

Hamid and Amnah Kiani P '25, '28 (Towel)

Sean and Emily Bryan P '25 (Tumbler)

Haddon and Jill Kirk P '23 (Tumbler)

Gordon and Loris Armstrong P '27 (Tumbler)

Clifford Sosin ‘00 and Taylor Sosin P '33 (Towel)

Rita Nagle GP '24 (Tumbler)

Tracey and Russell Stidolph P '21, '25, '30 (Tumbler)

Edith van Breems '83 (Tumbler)

Courtney Osgood ‘05 (Towel)

Faith McDermott '16 (Tumbler)

Kim & Lars Ebbesen P '15, '19, '21 (Tumbler)

Ben Sontheimer and Lei Meng P '32 (Tumbler)

Jon & Meg Collins P ‘24 (Towel)

Zoe Koskinas '21 (Tumbler)

Bryan and Page Seyfried P '19, '22 (Tumbler)

James and Dawn Henry P '23 (Tumbler)

Hannah Macdonald '21 (Towel)

Catherine Burroughs '03 (Tumbler)

Carlo and Marie Coridon P '23 (Tumbler)

Robert Kim and Inwha Huh P '25 (Tumbler)

Lis Bartol Reed '88 and Peter Reed P '20 (Towel)