Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

Record Setting Year for Students in the 2024 Scholastic Writing Awards

Record Setting Year for Students in the 2024 Scholastic Writing Awards


Far surpassing last year’s record, GFA students received 169 Scholastic Writing Awards in the 2024 competition. The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards were founded in 1923 and, for more than a century, have inspired bold ideas in creative teens throughout the country. While GFA has always had a strong presence among the top Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, this year broke records for the number of award-winning students, and the number of awards. 


Our Winners

Eighth Grade

Caroline Almeida - “Empty Spaces”

Juliette Blue - “Fear Comes in Waves”

Piper Costello - “House of Memories”

Caroline Fogel - “The Journey Through Time”

Rikki Frankel - “Empty”

Hazel Hantman - “Bluejays, Basketball and Diner Pancakes”

Alan Mello - “Longing for Darkness”

Sadie Tamburri - “Stars in the Wind”

Marisol Bea - “Belle’s Closet”

Jaden Coridon - “A Baller’s Resonance

Olivia Farmer - “Swing Through Time”

Marnuely Gonzalez - “Panem et Circuses”, “A Note of Peace”, “Remember Me; Your Memories           and Us”

Will Horton - “All Was Quiet”

Daniel Klane - “Four Years and a Week”

Holden Laforce - “Silent Night”

Alex Lebrija - “Canvas”

Ben Martell - “Riding the Waves of Adventure”

Alan Mello - “Not So Perfect”

Max Messinger - “Winter”

Allegra Paquette - “Unseen”

Chase Powers - “Moving On”

Minna Reilly - “Closing the Window”

Will Speller - “Off Cource”

Charlotte Vanderzee - “The First Stroke”

George Weeldreyer - “Early Morning Greens”

Lucy Woodbury - “false flame”

Marisol Bea - “Dive In; Race Out”

Lachlan Blair - “Carpe Diem”

Henry Chudd - “Boxed Memories”

Piper Costello - “The Last Goodbye”

Nathan Delottie - “Rust”

Ollie Ennico - “Pieces of Me”

Ryan Farnum - “Remember Me?”

Caroline Fogel - “Everlasting Scars”

Rikki Frankel - “One More Week…”

Reese Garg - “The Unseen Vine”

Marnuely Gonzalez - “The Actors and the Acted Upon”

Hazel Hempleman - “A Leap of Faith”

Victoria Herold - “Before”, “Space Between”

Mary Heyn - “Shattered Glass”

Janet Jezairian - “Mocking Reflections”, “Summer in Paradise”

Gemma Kirt - “My Leaves Fall”

Daniel Klane - “Home”

Halliwell Kline - “Goodbye for Now”

Leo Lane - “Diminishing Kingdom”

Alex Lebrija - “Plastic Childhood”

Ben Martell - “My Desk, My Solitude”

Allegra Paquette - “3000 Miles Away”

Stella Paquette - “A Moment in Time”

Lila Reiling - “Forever Companion”

Ryan Savicki - “Last Summer Sunset”

Will Speller - “ home”

Sophia Stapleton - “My Second Home”

Sadie Tamburri - “Rain Drop”

Sam Tishfield - “Still Here”

Lucy Woodbury - “A Slow-Motion Fault”

Campbell Yates - “Empty Room”


Ninth Grade

Anya Bhuyan - “The Effects of Transoceanic Voyages on the Spanish Colonies”

Cam Blessey - “The Art of Emotion”

Mabel Cullen - “The Mind and the Heart: A Dialogue”

Fiona Ellis - “Gone”, “Autumn Brings”

Jacqueline Elsener - “Butter Knife”

Isabella Grimm - “Wobbly Legs on December 25th”

Abby Horton - “Feelings of The Past”

Sarah Horton - “Maples”

Jaiden Jackson - “Effects of the Transatlantic Slave System on West African Civilizations”

Brighton Karvoski - “The Divine Being and the Trinity Trio”

Devin Lee - “A Winter Garden”

Abdallah Niass - “(Your) Embrace of Presence”

Alexander Popielarczyk - “8 Ways of Looking at Ants”

En Qiao - “Clouds”

Eleanor Raveis - “The Heart of Change”

Cara Sato-Connell - “Haunting Sounds”

James Schumacher - “Saturday; July 1; 2023 (8:25 PM)”, Dear Mime;”

Navah Strouse - “The Blue Lagoon”

Tyler Temerowski - “Winter Times”

Jack Thompson - “Nightly News”, “Back In the Valley”, “Second Hand Celebrity”, “Value”

Cecilia Tivey - “Scatter of Light”, “Shadows of Rain”

Anika Vaidheeswaran - “Echoes of Pushpa Thathi”

Emily Xue - “On Fire”

Cameron Zapanta - “Ripping Paper”, “Cotton Candy Fingers”


Tenth Grade

Caroline Costello - “If I Could See The World (Through The Eyes Of A Child)”, “The Memory of His Vests”

Briana Gomez - “conversations with self”, “Tales from The Being and The Monster”, “My Father”

Dayna Herman - “The Side Door”

Maren Keane - “The Power Within”

Clementine Kirt - “The Fall”

Anna Paterson - “Flowers”

Tanvi Rajangam - “When You’re Born to Immigrant Parents”

Piper Rothman - “15 minutes away”, “Curly”, “Pouring”

Amalia Slade - “Grandmother Apposition”

Claire Woodbury - “Monster”


Eleventh Grade

Barrett Bachner - “Crown on a Corpse’s Head”

Lucie Bohnsack - “Wooden Coffins”

Sydney Greenberg - “Hidden Hierarchies in GFA’s Parking Lots”

Aaron Hopper - “Scaling Ego: A Braided Essay”

Deniz Nalbantoglu - “On Dickinson’s ‘Bustle in a House’”, “Women Bleed Their Mothers Like Rain”, “Master of Academic Puppets”

Serra Nalbantoglu - “Looking for 9 Owenoke Park”, “The Fitting”, “Logue”, “Taxi”

Anne Studnicky - “Contortions”, “Ambivalence”

Adeline Thompson - “One Dam; Infinite DestructionL the GER Dam”, “Looking Through & Looking Back”


Twelfth Grade

Riley Meyer - “Belladonna”, “Scars and Stars”

Zoe Monschein - “Moonlight and a Warm Fireplace”

Juliette Murphy - “Spin Cycle”

Azra Ozgen - “The Mind’s Eye”

Charlotte Walter - “Sitting in the Glass Chair”

Peter Adams - “The Tragedy of Macbeth: Toil and Trouble in the Modern Bubble”, “The Ego and the Wasted Life”

Ella Bross - “it happens”

Savvy Dreas - “What Do We Live For If Not Happiness in ‘In the Cart’ and My Life”

Charles Ferragu - “Thirteen Way of Looking at Adrenaline”

Mark Freeman - “GFA Christmas Traditions”

Lilly Hogan - “A New Look at the GFA Garden”

Beyza Kalendar - “Thursday Mornings”, “A Blessing”

Marius Kalijuvee - “Why Do American Teenagers Use So Much Slang?”

Lachlan McCracken - “13 Ways of Looking at Friendship”

Riley Meyer - “His Fiend-Like Queen”, “Midsummer”, Not”, “Calypso”, “Love Poem to June”

Zoe Monschein - “Weird Sisters”

Anna Moss - “What’s Brewing: A Sup into the Coffee Culture at Greens Farms Academy”

Juliette Murphy - “Authenticity”, “Holding on and Letting Go Through ‘At Home’”

Azra Ozgen - “To Be or Not To Be: A Guide to Self-Help in Times of Crisis”, “The Captain’s Log”, “The Ivan”

Jack Pegler - “Life imitates Art: Charles Manson is Macbeth”, “New Shoes (at DXR)”

Julianna Penna - “shoegaze”

Ava Powell - “Stubborn Love”

Quinn Reynolds - “Three White Butterflies to Know You’re Near”

Jacob Robinson - “Protecting the Mind”, “Thirteen Ways of Looking at Dogs”

John Schneider - “Holding Onto Time in a Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki”

Samantha Schwartz - “Fragments of Self Reflection: Concealed Emotions for Self Protection”

Owen Simon - “The Duality of The Cheese Stick Wrapper”, “In Iceland”, “The Interview”

Olivia Smith - “Missing Scene: Pillow in the Closet”

Simone Snow - “Thirteen Ways of Looking at Comphet”, The Leopard”

Charlotte Walter - “To Lights”, “13 Ways of Looking at Loss”, “Burn”, “Spill”

Eddie Xue - “Waiting”