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Ghai Published in The Concord Review

Original work by senior Antara Ghai was selected to be published in the September issue of The Concord Review. Her piece, entitled “Conquest of Goa”, was published alongside those from students ranging from California to Canada to Indonesia.

Ghai, who has diligently worked on her own since tenth grade, wrote about Goa — a region in modern-day India colonized by the Portuguese. Her piece details the Portuguese’s attempt to convert the local population to Christianity and the way the population reacted to it.

“I first learned about Portuguese travel and how they conquered a bit of India through AP World History with Mr. Campbell, then I dove deep into independent research,” Ghai said.

“My family is from India and I’ve always been fascinated by the region and the effects the British had on Indian culture and the language. The British never tried to convert people via large-scale missionaries and mission trips, while the Portuguese did. That’s where I found it interesting.”

Following the application process, Ghai received the letter announcing her acceptance upon return from a family trip this summer. With only five percent of papers accepted, “It was a pretty big day,” she said.

“The process of writing something, spending so much time on it, and sending it off — it was really transformative. If I could tell people one thing, it would be to submit.”

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