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GFA Honors Year of the Dragon and Lunar New Year

GFA Honors Year of the Dragon and Lunar New Year

As we embrace 2024, the Year of the Dragon, our school community has been vibrant with Lunar New Year festivities. Students enrolled in Mandarin courses dedicated their class time throughout the 15-day celebration to immerse themselves in the rich traditions of the holiday. Those in advanced levels, such as Post-AP and Mandarin 4, prepared traditional dishes and exchanged red envelopes, known as hongbao, to signify good fortune.


 The celebration's highlight came on February 23, when     our  Middle and Upper School Mandarin learners led the     annual Lunar New Year assembly. This gathering was a   beautiful showcase of unity and talent, with students   across various grades performing traditional Chinese   songs, a fan dance, and sharing insights into the holiday's   cultural heritage. To enhance the festive mood, parents of   eleventh graders generously provided an array of Asian   culinary delights for everyone to enjoy post-assembly.

  This year's assembly also featured an enlightening segment on the Chinese Zodiac, paying tribute to the Year of the Dragon. The dragon, revered in Chinese culture for its association with wisdom, courage, and strength, mirrors the qualities we admire and observe in our students daily.


See photos from the assembly here