Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

GFA Holds 18th Annual Puzzle Hunt

Friday, May 21 Upper School Math teacher Jon Matte held the 18th Annual GFA Puzzle Hunt. Appropriately for the 18th Hunt, a total of 18 energetic teams composed of students from all Upper School grades, Middle School students, faculty from all three divisions, staff, and alumni participated in this quest for cranial supremacy.

Game Control [Matte] proudly announced the winners of this year's Hunt. "Taking home the gold by completing four puzzles in the least amount of time was the faculty/staff team, 'Nerd Immunity' (Mr. Abel, Ms. Aniel, Ms. Ibarcena, Ms. Pembroke, Ms. Teyan, and Ms. Van Hatten). This was the first win for members of Nerd Immunity, most of whom have been competing in the Puzzle Hunt for a few years. Clad in goggles and hazmat (or perhaps "haz-matte"?) suits to practice safe puzzle hunting, and with a logo designed by team member Ms. Aniel, Nerd Immunity took team spirit to a new level and impressed Game Control with their all-out efforts and fashion statement," Matte said.

Following closely behind were perennial powerhouse 'Lobal Perspectives' and fellow Fac/Staff team '404: Name Not Found.'

Most competing teams completed at least one of the puzzles and the top student team was 'Heart,' comprised of Antara Singh-Ghai, Jenifer Bonilla, Henry Chang, and AJ Tenser, followed closely by 'Puzzle People.'

"Thank you to all participants, the cleaning crew (who patiently waited until we were done to complete their jobs), Game Control Minions who checked in on teams intermittently, and everyone who helped out in one form or another," Matte said. "It was quite possibly the most spirited Puzzle Hunt ever, so let's not wait another two years to do it again! Pandemics notwithstanding, May of 2022 awaits!"