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GFA 4th Graders Shine in Musical and as Leaders

GFA 4th Graders Shine in Musical and as Leaders

The fourth grade musical is a tradition that has been part of GFA curriculum for as long as many can remember. An example of leadership and togetherness, the fourth graders were given a standing ovation after their production on March 9. With many viewers smiling throughout the entire show, the students gave energetic performances to tunes from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Matilda the Musical, The Sound of Music, and School of Rock.

“A younger student in Lower School this morning told me something about the fourth graders. They said, ‘You know what? The fourth graders always work so hard so the rest of the lower school can have fun,’” said Jane Verlin, Head of Lower School. 

This is so true of our Lower School leaders, even in a very busy week. While preparing for the musical, the fourth graders have taken assessments in reading, language, and math tests, they've been busy finishing up an important science national park project, and they've been thinking ahead to spring and which state to choose for the year-end research assignment. 

“They even coordinated a dance party on Wednesday because they thought the rest of the lower schoolers really needed it,” exclaimed Verlin.

At the end of the musical, a few students took the mic to thank everyone that was involved with making the production as successful as it was: 

Thank you to our parent volunteers for our costumes and organizing our cast party, you’re the reason we look and feel like a million bucks!

Thank you to Ms. Mann for teaching us our choreography, we would be lost without you!
Thank you to Ms. Bloom for helping us design our background, it really helped us feel magical!
Mr. Aiyegbo and Ms. Gopi, thank you for helping us with the lights and microphones for our musical, you really let us shine!
Mr. Brian, thank you for helping us sound beautiful by playing the piano for us, you made our musical come to life!
Ms. Jo, this musical could not have happened without you, thank you so much for taking the time to teach us the music for our musical!


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