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Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

DIRT Comes to GFA

John Morello

This Wednesday, the upper school met for a non-traditional assembly, covering “hot-button issues” of bullying, mental illness, substance abuse, aging and more. The one-man show “DIRT” explores the challenges and decisions young people face every day. The event featured speaker, actor, comedian and author John Morello.

Upper School Counselor Elizabeth Day offered perspective on why this assembly has been such a success. “As an educator, you always try to find the best way for a message to be taken in and absorbed, and John Morello is the ticket!” said Day. “The audience was riveted, and DIRT lit up the screen for both students and teachers, alike.” 

According to Morello’s website, DIRT “gives voice to those who sometimes feel as though they are not heard, and reassurance to those who sometimes feel as though they are not understood. … He takes students on a journey that challenges them to think about the choices they make and how those choices impact their own lives and the lives of those around them.”

After the assembly, students met in their advisory groups to debrief. Students in Director of Theatre Programs Stephen Stout’s group spoke for quite a while about why the issues covered made for such a meaningful assembly — topics discussed ranged from drugs to bullying to alcohol to acceptance to kindness to cell phones. 

"He nailed the theatrics and made all the transitions so beautifully, which tied the stories together artfully," Stout’s students analyzed.

Thank you to the students and teachers affiliated with TACO (Teen Awareness and Conversation Opportunities), who all helped in bringing meaningful programming to the upper school.