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Cross-Divisional Celebrations of Black History Month

Cross-Divisional Celebrations of Black History Month

As we bid farewell to February, we also conclude our annual celebration of Black History Month, a period marked by observance and recognition across all divisions of our school community. This year's theme, "African-Americans & the Arts," was a focal point for assemblies, classroom discussions, and conversations throughout our hallways. Community blocks were dedicated to meaningful dialogues that delved into the contributions and impact of African Americans in the arts.

At the beginning of the month, the Lower School organized a special assembly to spark discussion on the theme. Community members, including students and faculty, shared stories and admiration for their favorite black artists, spanning various disciplines such as music, painting, and architecture. Highlights included tributes to Beyonce, painter Alma Woodsey Thomas, and architect Paul Revere Williams, alongside a musical performance featuring the works of Duke Ellington by Dr. Rex Cadwallader.

In the Middle School, the Holidays & Observances Committee (HOC) presented significant African-American figures during school assemblies. The HOC also curated an educational bulletin board showcasing black artists and their creations. The Middle School hosted two affinity lunches for black students and collaborated with the Upper School for a special screening of the film "Soul," which narrates the journey of a black jazz musician.

The Upper School's curriculum integrated the celebration of Black History Month into various subjects. The "Topics in Modern America" history elective focused on the Great Migration and its pioneers in the Civil Rights Movement. Meanwhile, Middle School history classes introduced the Ancient Egypt unit with discussions on monuments honoring black activists, including the Virginia Civil Rights Memorial and monuments dedicated to Arthur Ashe and Harriet Tubman Ross.

Visiting speakers Terrence Hayes and Darryl McDaniels on campus further enriched our Black History Month celebrations. Terrence Hayes, the Upper School Visiting Writer, and Darryl McDaniels, the 2024 Hartwell Visiting Fellow, shared their journeys and insights, emphasizing the power of authoring one's own story to lead a purposeful life.