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33rd Annual Harmony for the Homeless Brings Music and Service to GFA

33rd Annual Harmony for the Homeless Brings Music and Service to GFA

The Janet Hartwell Performing Arts Center was filled with passion and energy last Saturday as the GFA Community Service Board, Concert Choir, Harbor Blues, and Beachside Express put on GFA’s 33rd annual Harmony for the Homeless. 

After a unanimous vote by the Community Service Board and student performers, this year’s Harmony was dedicated to helping the Reyes Family rebuild their lives after a fire destroyed their home just before New Year’s Day. Two of the Reyes family children attend New Beginnings Family Academy in Bridgeport - one of GFA’s partner schools for many years. 

Performances included various solos, small groups, and large chorus numbers singing Disney hits both old and new. With ticket and t-shirt sales, and general donations, Harmony raised over $2,500 for the Reyes Family. Ronnelle Swagerty, Director of New Beginnings Family Academy, Colette Fearon, principal, and one of the children’s teachers, Denise Taylor, were present to represent the family. 

“They were all so impressed with not only the talent, but the willingness of our students to give back,” said Sue Wilchinsky, GFA’s All School Service Coordinator.

Harmony for the Homeless at GFA is almost entirely student run and was started decades ago to benefit local food pantries and organizations in need. Participating students selected the theme and songs, while senior Nancy Duer designed Harmony’s t-shirt and marketing materials.