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Sustainable Solutions from Food Week

Sustainability Panel

While this week is Spirit Week — leading up to Homecoming on Saturday — Sustainability Coordinator Jackie Tran is asking us to also embrace our environmental spirit. She’s planned a number activities around what she is calling Food Week, all with the intention or raising awareness about the role that food plays in our lives, and the different ways we can get involved to help out reduce food waste and make responsible food-related decisions.

Kicking off the week was a screening of the film Wasted! The Story of Food Waste tonight in the PAC. The event also featured a panel discussion MC’d by Tran, and featuring: Nick Skeadas, Curbside Compost; Nicole Straight, Community Plates; Paul Nessel, Fleishers Craft Butchery, Westport; Corey Thomas, Wakeman Town Farm; Jake Conover, Silverman's Farm; and Kevin Meehan, Ambler Farm.

Also planned for this week is a compost challenge across all three divisions: With the help of Middle School math classes, Tran will investigate which division produces the least amount of food waste at lunch. The Middle Schoolers will make some pound-for-pound calculations at the end.

Tran will also be sharing food facts each day, along with asking people to make meal and food waste pledges.

This all leads up to World Food Day next Tuesday, Oct. 16. This day is annually celebrated at GFA with a Vegetarian Local Lunch. There will also be discussions in advisories throughout the week to discuss how eating a plant-based, local diet is more environmentally sustainable.

Did you know: Tran has placed yellow Terracycle bins throughout the school to be used to collect food and candy wrappers. Once mailed back to Terracycle, they will be upcycled. According to the website, “TerraCycle works with many of the world's best companies to bring upcycling solutions to many forms of waste. We sew juice pouches together into backpacks, chip bags into casual shoes, and even granola wrappers into shower curtains.”

Terracycle Container