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Science & Engineering Students Honored

Budding Middle School scientists and researchers were honored in a ceremony in the Forum for their recent award-winning projects. The awards were given to sixth through eighth graders whose work was acknowledged at the MS Science Expo (sixth grade) and the Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair (seventh and eighth grades).

CT Science and Engineering Fair Winners

Seventh & Eighth Grade Projects

Madison Gordon
Madison tested bacteria growth on phones.

Kavya Krishnamurthy
Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair second honors, Alexion Biotechnology Award
Kavya tested the effect of bacteriophage virus dilutions of E. coli.

William McGonagle
Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair finalist, medallion winner, Lockheed Martin Physical Sciences Award, John B. Trevor Award in Electrical Engineering
William designed a prototype for an automated floating trash collecting robot

Jamie Paterson
Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair second honors
Jamie helped design a reactive climbing helmet.

Zoma Tessema
Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair third honors
Zoma designed a charities-based app.

Sixth Grade Science Fair winners

Sixth Grade Project Category Winners

Psychology: McKenna Mercurio Morse’s project focused on teaching and learning styles.

Biology: Simone Snow studied what scents dogs are attracted to.

Sports Science: Mark Freeman and Josh Kitt studied factors that influence the bounce height of a soccer ball.

Chemistry: Jakob Zapanta created a water filter.

Food Science: Tolani Oshin studied ethylene and the ripening of fruit.

Environmental Science: Chad Ruggiero presented his research on renewable wind power.