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Nonprofit Marketplace Winners Announced

Eighth grade students concluded their semester-long Nonprofit Marketplace projects last week. The project tasks groups of students to create a nonprofit organization that addresses a real-world problem related to the 15 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

Students meet weekly to research their chosen problem and devise a solution. Each group created a mission statement, name and logo, budget, and a way to measure their impact on their way to a culminating “pitch,” with the hope of gaining funding for their organization from a panel of faculty members. 

This year's winning organization, Verticulture, was created by Kyle Haas, Ben Epes, Katherine McNamara, Julia Roth, Jonty Hammer, Anya Bettegowda, and Jake Farber. Their organization would provide high-quality, fresh produce to those in the U.S. living in poverty through a unique system of hydroponic vertical farming.

For more information on the eighth grade capstone projects, click here.

MS Capstone Marketplace Winners