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New Baykal-Rollins' Installation at the Capitol

Baykal-Rollins capitol image

Timed with the election season, Upper School Visual Arts teacher Jeffrey Baykal-Rollins, has recently installed his latest project, Even As We Speak (Midterms), at the Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford.

His graphite rubbings from gravestones, digital prints, and repurposed lawn Capitol 3signs are part of an on-going project reflecting upon the epidemic of gun-violence throughout the United States today. They are positioned amongst the many political lawn signs that scatter the capitol's front lawn.

According to Baykal-Rollins, he combined images and texts from gravestone rubbings made in communities particularly affected by gun-violence. His multimedia paintings interweave a densely layered visual language of loss, he explained.  

Even As We Speak is curated by Lanfranco Aceti. This project is in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary of Contemporary Cuts and Leonardo Electronic Almanac (MIT Press).