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Haskell '97 is NY Magazine's Next Editor-in-Chief

Perhaps sensing a future career in the making, GFA’s Class of 1997 stated in their senior yearbook that classmate David Haskell “couldn’t be grammatically incorrect.” Just this week Haskell (who was also named “Class Charmer”) was named New York Magazine’s next editor-in-chief, the eighth in the publication’s 50-year history.

When we caught up with Haskell in 2012, he had just started up Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn with business partner Colin Spoelman, but his literary leanings extended long before and since that time. According to a press release from New York Media, Haskell has been an editor for New York Magazine in some capacity since 2007, ranging from political coverage to business and strategy, “to books, film, television, podcasts, and events across the magazine and its digital verticals.”

Pam Wasserstein, CEO of New York Media, wrote in a letter to her team, “David is a staggering editorial talent, with tremendous leadership abilities and deep experience in the specialness of this place. He is steeped in our creative sensibility. If you love something about what we do here, chances are David had a substantial role in creating it.”

To read the announcement from New York Media, click here.

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