Greens Farms Academy

An Independent Co-Ed Day School For Grades PreK-12

2019 Winter Theatre Showcase

Director of Theatre Programs Stephen Stout announced this week the line-up for this year's Winter Theatre Showcase. The event features an all student-directed and acted performance each night, from Thursday, January 31, to Saturday, Feb. 2, at 7:30 in the Black Box Theatre. 


Both Parties Concerned
Adaptation of JD Salinger short story by Nore Nascimento
With Nore Nascimento and Owen Lawrence

The Stranger
Adaptation of JD Salinger short story by Lee Dizon
Directed by Beza Tessema
With Maddy Canning, JT McAllister, Janise Park

Cutting of No Exit
By Jean-Paul Sartre, William Lopez-Wortman
Directed by Kyra Lerner
With Owen Lawrence, Grace McGonagle, Nore Nascimento, Lila Wells

The Red and Bloopers
Improvisation Group
Leaders: William Lopez-Wortman, Justin Silver, Lila Wells

GFA Winter Theatre Showcase Lineup

Poster Designed by Kendra Offermann '19