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Faculty spotlights

Faculty spotlight

Global Education? Let's Talk About It.

Originally from Riberalta, a small Bolivian town along an Amazon tributary, Dr. Llanque left home at age 16 to attend an international school in Norway. With some 200 students representing more than 100 countries, the school provided him with an eye-opening experience.

“It made me realize very quickly how complicated the world was and how important it was to recognize that people have very different experiences, but we also face shared challenges,” he explained.

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Ms. Tran knew she wanted to teach, but she didn't necessarily want to be a traditional classroom science teacher. She had so much training in experiential learning — particularly in making connections through gardening — and she wanted to continue with that.

"I want the kids to know how they're impacting the environment and give them the skills and knowledge to understand that everything is connected," she explained.

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