Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT



Lucy Biggers, Greta Thunberg

Lucy Biggers’ life was forever changed in Stockholm, Sweden, standing outside of Swedish Parliament, interviewing a 16-year-old. This moment catapulted her into success. Biggers is currently living in New York City, where she works at NowThis, hosting her digital series One Small Step, sharing environmental advice (on her Instagram @lucybiggers and website, traveling extensively, learning and following her passion, as far as that will take her. 

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Ayla Shively, Owen Lawrence

The Little Shop of Horrors could not exist if not for senior Owen Lawrence ‘20, playing Seymour, and sophomore Ayla Shively ‘22, playing Audrey. These scene partners are integral in telling the show’s story of a meek flower shop assistant pining for his co-worker. When an unusual plant, named Audrey II, comes into the mix, then the real fun begins! See what Lawrence and Shively had to say on bringing the shop to life on stage and off.

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Zach Friedman '21

Students at GFA have the power to try as many different roles and responsibilities as they wish. This year, Zach Friedman '21 did just that and chose to take a step behind the curtain from his typical on-stage musical and acting roles. This fall, Friedman shares the dual responsibilities of Assistant Director and bass player in the orchestra pit for Little Shop of Horrors.

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LSoH Quintet

Past, present, and future — the Little Shop of Horrors’ Quintet knows it all. Also known as the “feisty five”, this group serves as the show’s narrators or “Greek chorus”. The Quintet is comprised of freshman Nancy Duer as Chiffon, Jasmine Joseph as Ronnette, Kendall Caron-Quinn as Sheila, Jenifer Bonilla as Crystal and Norelisa Nascimento as Donna. 

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