Greens Farms Academy

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In Other Words

Take a moment to read personal essays, creative writing pieces, poems, and reflections from our community.

By Chris Kolovos
Associate Head of School

I have been so fortunate — fortunate to have parents who sought out opportunities for me that they never had, fortunate to find teachers who loved me and nourished me, fortunate to have a door open when I began to explore a career in schools, fortunate to have found that thing in life that I feel I was meant to do. For the last fifteen years, I have loved coming to work, and I do not know many people who can say the same.

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By Brianna Mebane ‘18

It’s not enough to be in an environment such as the one here at GFA with a willingness to tackle harsh topics if you don’t put in as much, if not more, effort to tackle them as well. In the company of yourself, reflect on the ways in which you approach or think about an issue; in the company of others, it’s important to listen with open ears in order to gain insight into different perspectives.

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By Katie Mackle '18

I found myself becoming increasingly grade-oriented as I ran myself into the ground every single night over-studying for tests and quizzes in order to avoid a repetition of the “What Makes Mankind Unique” situation. In the end, though I didn’t come to realize it until later, I ended up learning a very valuable lesson out of the entire assignment.

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By Emily Twitchell
Grade 8

Scholastic Writing Award for poetry, Honorable Mention

Shooting up into the tired sky

It brings energy and strength

And then it breaks the silence and

Attacks the sleeping clouds with a loud crack

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