Greens Farms Academy

An Independent Co-Ed Day School For Grades PreK-12

Commencement 2019


Schedule of events

Monday, June 3 — Middle School


Middle School students arrive (formal uniform)


Middle School Closing Assembly 
Hartwell Performing Arts Center, (grades 5-8, eighth grade friends and family)

NOTE: Normal 2:40 PM transportation is available.

Tuesday, June 4 — Lower School 


Fourth Grade Move-Up Ceremony
Hartwell Performing Arts Center
LS students and fourth grade friends and family; formal uniform all LS students


Fourth Grade Reception 
McGrath Gallery
Fourth graders and their friends and family


Courtyard Farewell, PreK-3 Move-Up Ceremony


Lower School dismisses for the summer

June 5–6 — Upper School

Wednesday, June 5, 10:30AM

Class Day 
Coyle Gym 
US students, formal uniform

Thursday, June 6, 9:00AM

Class of 2019 Commencement
GFA Front Lawn* (US students, and friends and families of seniors. All current families are welcome.)

*In case of inclement weather, the ceremony may be moved to the Coyle Gym. Please check the GFA website for updates.