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GFA Pack the House

Pack the House was an astounding success! The annual athletics event also raised money to support Horizons at GFA, a program that "helps underserved students from Bridgeport develop strong academic, social and emotional skills, habits of mind and the resilience to succeed in school and pursue a meaningful, choice-filled life."

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Tibetan Monk at GFA

By Will San Jose and Sam Lublinsky '22 

On January 7, Lama Yignyen Tenzin came to visit Greens Farms Academy. Lama Tenzin is a Tibetan Buddhist monk who is a professor and a traveling educator, attempting to spread positive messages of kindness, compassion, and spirituality.

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Senior Stress

By Lila Wells '19

Now that we’ve technically entered the infamous “Senior Spring,” it is time to review what I know is all on our minds: Senior stress levels. I polled the senior class and received 35 responses (indicative of roughly 47.30% of the class) on their stress levels by month (1 is the lowest level, 10 is the highest). Here are their responses:

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Sissieretta Jones

By Jasmine Joseph '20

Although Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks are important to know and talk about, they are not history’s only black figures. In celebration of Black History Month, here are some significant African-Americans whose contributions have improved the United States.

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