Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

Timashev '23 Named New England Boys Soccer Player of the Year

Timashev '23 Named New England Boys Soccer Player of the Year
John Nash

Early in his Greens Farms Academy soccer career, there were some coaches on the Dragons staff that weren’t quite sure what kind of career Matvey Timashev would have on Beachside Ave.

After all, despite arriving on campus as an 8th grader, and catching the eye of GFA head coach Chris Mira, Timashev passed at the chance of playing varsity as a freshmen for a season of JV ball.

When all was said and done, however, Timashev’s career would speak for itself.

Earlier this month, just weeks after helping the Dragons win their first-ever New England Prep School championship, Timashev was named the 2022 NEPSAC Class C Player of the Year.

“It meant a lot to me, to my family, to my friends,” Timashev said. “They all know how much time and effort I’ve put into this sport, ever since I was younger. So, getting this kind of accolade my senior year of high school, it just means so much. It’s 100 percent the icing on the cake. As if winning the championship wasn’t enough already, this award really touched my heart.”

Timashev played defense for the Dragons, a role often overshadowed by players putting up the statistics with goals and assists.

While the Dragons gave up 19 goals over their first 10 games, starting the season with a paltry 4-6 record, Timashev and the team got stingy down the stretch, giving just one goal or less in six of their last eight games—five of which were postseason showdowns.

“The qualities that set him apart are his character and leadership,” Mira said. “Matvey’s poised, clear-headed, positive presence was the cornerstone of our team’s performance. His willingness to shoulder the responsibility of being the last man between our opponents and our goalkeeper infused his teammates with confidence.”

Playing defense became a passion for Timashev and it was a role he didn’t take lightly.

“Of course the forwards get all the stats with the goals and assists, but defensive is just as important,” Timashev said. “I love playing defense and if you love doing something chances are you’re going to be good at it.”

Having Mira believing in him also allowed him flourish on the field and off.

“My sophomore year, I wasn’t the best player and (Coach Mira) told me some of the other coaches weren’t sold on my skills,” Timashev said. “But Coach Mira was. He took me under his wing and I couldn’t appreciate him more for doing that. He made me believe in myself.”

That belief turned Timashev into a special player, an All-FAA and All-NEPSAC First Team selection as well as being a Western New England All-Star.

“His commitment to creating and maintaining a standard of personal excellence made him a role model,” Mira said. “Quietly challenging himself on a daily basis created an environment of growth within the team. The impact of Matvey’s leadership, personality, and level of play has helped bring our program to new heights.”