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McCormick '23 Follows Her Heart To Colorado College

McCormick '23 Follows Her Heart To Colorado College
John Nash

Ava McCormick loves the outdoors. She loves Colorado. And she loves soccer.

That being said, it makes perfect sense the GFA senior, who helped lead the Dragons girls soccer team to its first FAA championship since 2004, signed an NCAA Letter of Intent to play the sport at Colorado College.

“I think a big part of it is I want to major in environmental science and they an amazing program there. I really like that outdoors aspect of that,” McCormick said. “For soccer, in particular, it’s a Division 1 program for girls soccer and I know a few people who went there, and they absolutely loved it.”

McCormick’s family has a second home in Colorado, so the state really does feel like home to her.

While she has always wanted to play soccer in college, it was while attending a semester at Island School in Bermuda that McCormick realized she wanted to use the sport to help her get the education she wanted as well.

“It’s definitely always been a goal for me but after I came back from the Island School it was different,” she explained. “I wanted to prioritize finding a school that I loved for athletics and more, and Colorado College ended up being perfect for that reason.”

As far as her soccer success on the pitch at GFA, McCormick credits Dragons coach Andrew Henry with making her the best player she can be and to getting her ready for college.

“I would attribute a lot of it to Andrew,” said McCormick, who has been coached by him since the sixth grade and been a varsity player since eighth grade. “I think he's definitely pushed me specifically because he knows that I have high aspirations for soccer.”

Henry knows his Dragons program will miss McCormick’s presence on the pitch.

“The midfield is often described as the engine of a soccer team,” Henry said. “Ava is that and then some. Her dedication and performances over the years will be missed.”

As far as what she hopes to get out of degree at Colorado College, there is still time for that, too, but GFA has planted a seed of possibility there, as well.

“I still am trying to figure it out,” she said. “I've always been super interested in doing something with environment. I've been in Eco Club since freshman year and sustainability classes since sophomore year. So, I’d like to kind of have it be on the track, but I’m not sure what the specific end goal will be yet.”