Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

DRAGON CHAT: With GFA Senior Aidan Murphy

John Nash

Greens Farms Academy senior Aidan Murphy has been a stalwart athlete in his four years as a Dragon. A four-year starter for the boys soccer team and a key player on the boys lacrosse squad, Murphy has left his mark on the Dragons sports scene.

With his career winding down, and his last lacrosse season at-hand, Murphy took the time to chat for the Dragon Nation Blog.


DRAGON NATION: How did you wind up coming to Greens Farms Academy?

AIDAN MURPNY: My sister Ella had already been at GFA for one year and I loved it, so I came here.


DN: What is the best thing about the school?

AM: Definitely the people in the community — whether it be the friends I’ve made or the amazing teachers.


DN: Which team has had the biggest impact on you during your time at GFA?

AM: The soccer team. Starting on the team as a freshman is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Coach [Chris] Mira and the seniors on that team like Henry Holzinger, Jake Sinnott and James Velgot were the best — they really took me under their wing that year and helped me mature a lot. 

DN: Which coach has had the biggest impact?

AM: Coach Mira. I’ve known him for almost eight years, so our relationship goes back a while. Being on his team for all four years of high school helped me become a better player and person so I’m forever grateful. 


DN: Are you a soccer player who plays lacrosse, or a lacrosse player who plays soccer? Which is your favorite sport and why?

AM: A soccer player who plays lacrosse. Soccer has always been my favorite sport because my dad played in college and started me from a young age, so I fell in love with the beautiful game.


DN: You have been a staunch defender on both GFA’s soccer and lacrosse team? What do you like the best about playing on the defensive end of the field?

AM: The big plays on defense don’t usually show up on the stat sheet and I’ve always just loved doing the little things that make a difference. 


DN: What is your favorite GFA soccer memory?

AM: During my freshman year when Miles McDonald scored with 23 seconds to beat tough Masters team 1–0.


DN: What is your favorite GFA lacrosse memory?

AM: Definitely beating Hamden Hall in overtime my sophomore year.


DN: On the basketball court, Coach Pete Karlan had a little fun with you honoring you for your 1,000th-career sub-varsity point this winter? What does the sport of basketball mean to you and how much fun was it to play without the pressures of a varsity season?

AM: We had a lot of fun with that and the whole season, so it was a great way to cap off a different kind of season. Basketball was always more of a hobby for me, but I knew going into senior year I wanted to play for the all-time great — Coach K— on thirds so the intramural season was awesome to play without any added pressure and to just have fun. 


DN: Your older sister Ella was a pretty prolific multi-sport standout here at GFA. What did she teach you that helped you become the athlete you have here?

AM: To always give it your all and to never hang your head


DN: Your younger brothers Patrick and Gavin are both still here? What words of wisdom would you leave behind for them as they continue their GFA careers?

AM: Enjoy it and make the most of the time you have left at GFA.


DN: You’re going to Villanova to continue your education. What was it about that school that helped you make your decision?

AM: I like the fact that it is a liberal arts school with a really good academic, alumni, and community reputation. I also love the campus and the students I know who go there always say how much they enjoy it. 


DN: If you could play a sport you’ve never played before, what would you like to try?

AM: Hockey, because I love skating and the sport.


DN: What is your perfect breakfast?

AM: A bacon, egg, and cheese with hot sauce from Mama Carmela’s Deli near my house.


DN: The ideal midnight snack?

AM: Some microwaved Dino nuggets.


DN: If you could go home today after practice and have your favorite dinner waiting for you, what would that be?

AM: My mom’s homemade mac and cheese.


DN: What is something nobody else knows about you?

AM: I am a huge Formula One fan.


DN: If you could have one do-over in life, what would it be?

AM: Hmm, that’s hard. In regards to sports, I’d say picking up lacrosse at an earlier age.


DN: Where do you see yourself when you’re 40 years old?

AM: I honestly do not know because so much can happen or change from now until then.


DN: What is your go-to pregame type music?

AM: I love any music by Saint John. 


DN: What one word best describes Aidan Murphy?

AM: Curious.