Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT



What is the difference between the Parent Evaluation and the Parent Statement?

The Parent Evaluation gives personal development descriptors of your child. It is completed by the parent or guardian of students applying to grades PreK-4.

The Parent Statement contains student character skill descriptors and four writing prompts, completed by the parent or guardian of students applying to grades 5-12.


What should I do if my school doesn't provide teacher recommendations?

If your school does not provide teacher recommendations, you may submit a Personal Recommendation from a coach, music instructor or another adult who knows your child well.

What should I do if my school doesn't provide the Principal/Guidance Counselor recommendation?

If your school does not provide this recommendation, you may submit a Personal Recommendation from a coach, music instructor or another adult who knows your child well.

My child has the same teacher for both math and English. Does that teacher need to complete both recommendations?

Yes, this teacher should complete both recommendation forms.

May I submit an additional Personal Recommendation from an adult who knows my child well?

Yes, we will accept one additional Personal Recommendation.

How do I receive information about financial aid?

The Affordability page can answer many of your questions. If you still have questions of need help, please contact or 203.256.7514.


How do I schedule the interview and tour?

Schedule the interview and tour by selecting the corresponding division below. Be sure to select the grade your child will be applying to, not your child's current grade. For example, if your child is in 4th grade, you would select the Middle School Interview (Grades 5-8).

If you have any difficulty, or wish to speak with someone in the admission office, please contact us at 203.256.7514 or

Lower School Interview
(Grades PreK-4)

Middle School Interview
(Grades 5–8)

(Grades 9–12)


When should I schedule the interview?

We encourage you to schedule your appointment as soon as possible. We are eager to get to know your family!

Do I need to complete my application before coming for the interview?

You do not. However, we recommend completing the Student Profile so we can learn about your interests before your visit. 

I came for the interview and tour. Should I also come to the Open House?

While the interview and the tour are a required part of the admission process, the Open House is an optional admission event.

At GFA, we inspire each other to build a better world, grounded in our core values: passion, integrity, empathy, curiosity, and excellence. Come see first-hand how we instill these beliefs. The Open House events feature age-appropriate activities for children and parents, and provide a chance for visitors to meet with GFA faculty, Head of School Bob Whelan, coaches, and the Admission team.


What happens when my child comes for the Gesell test?

For PreK, Kindergarten, and Grade 1 applicants, a developmental readiness assessment called the Gesell is administered one-on-one during several school day morning hours from mid-November – January 10. Your child will meet with a faculty member for approximately 45 minutes while you are welcome to wait in the Admission Reception Room. 

In order to schedule the Gesell, you must submit the Student Profile portion of the online Application. You will be able to schedule a testing time beginning Monday, September 23. 

What is the Play Day?

If your child is an applicant to the Lower School, your child will be invited to a Play Day in January. A small group of children for that grade will be working in a classroom with GFA teachers. You will receive an invitation for the Play Day in early December. 

Which standardized test should my child take?

GFA accepts ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) and SSAT testing scores for students entering grades 5-12. We do not prefer one test over the other. 

Does GFA offer standardized testing on campus?

Yes! GFA offers the ISEE test on Saturday, December 14 and January 11, and the SSAT test on Saturday, November 9.

ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) or SSAT testing must be completed and submitted by January 17, 2020.

Contact ISEE or SSAT for test registration. You may not register at GFA the day of the test.

What are GFA's testing codes?

Do you accept ISEE and SSAT scores from previous years?

No. Standardized testing should be completed during the current academic year.