Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

Affording GFA

We consider each student’s application need-blind, without regard to financial aid status. We maintain a financial aid budget of about $5 million, dedicated exclusively to families who demonstrate financial need. Our goal: A campus that reflects the diversity of our region, and a dynamic, pluralistic education in which every voice matters. 

22% of students receive a financial grant.

The average grant is $36,100.

The total FA budget is $5.8 million.

Applications are considered without regard to financial aid status.

Affording GFA


Family #1

The family has five children. Two of the children attend college, one is applying to ninth grade and there are two younger siblings in public school. One parent is employed as a business executive and earns $500,000; the other parent is self-employed and earns $40,000. The children attending college will be required to pay $102,000 after their financial aid grant and scholarships are applied to the tuition.

Tuition for grade 9: $51,460
Estimated grant: $14,460

Family Contribution: $37,000

Family #2

The family is applying for kindergarten and third grade. One parent is a financial planner and earns $80,000. The other parent is a graphic designer and earns $60,000. The family owns their own home and has $10,000 in liquid assets and an IRA totaling $95,000.

Tuition for kindergarten: $40,860
Tuition for grade 3: $46,450
Estimated grant: $78,700

Family Contribution: $8,610


Family #3

The family is applying to seventh and tenth grades. The parents are divorced. One parent is a regional manager for a local pharmaceutical company and earns $325,000. The other parent has recently remarried, works as an educator, and earns $34,000. The parents have shared custody. Both children are involved in extracurricular activities with fees averaging $5,000.

Tuition for grade 7: $48,770
Tuition for grade 10: $51,460
Estimated grant: $34,458

Family Contribution: $65,772