Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

The Storm

By Eleanor Raveis '27

The wind starts howling and the trees are swaying like crazy. The counselors yell, “Everyone, get into the center of the room!” I rush to the center of the small room, I sit down on the hard wooden floor. My butt is aching from sitting for so long at lunch and then on the floor. The counselors are shouting orders, while the little shack starts to rattle in the wind. 

I squeeze my legs to my chest and start to think about my grandparents and if they are okay. The counselors yell, “Tornado warning!!” I walk through the people who are all scared and are wondering what is happening. The counselors are whispering in the corner. I find Lucy and Ashby sitting in the corner, playing a hand game. The counselors turn on some music and some of the kids start dancing. I don’t get up, but I do start talking with Lucy. The kids start doing a conga line and screaming the music that was playing. I can hear a big gust of wind over the loud music. It rattles the shack and makes the doors shake. I’m scared that the shack will flood or have a leak in the roof. 

The music's still playing and my legs are hurting so badly from sitting on the floor for over an hour. Some of the kids are still dancing and the counselors turn the music even louder than before. I can’t wait to go home and see my grandparents. If I ever will, I think. “When is this going to be over??” I asked Lucy. 

It takes a while for the storm to be over, but it eventually is and we go outside to get picked up. Lucy and I are one of the last people to get picked up.

I see Lauren and Amanda walking towards me, and Vivian is off to the side grabbing her bag from the LT table. I get in Amanda's car and I sit in the back seat. Vivian goes on her phone, and I sit there awkwardly not knowing what to do. “The tornado is really bad,” Amanda states. Lauren agrees. “Yeah, it’s really bad in West Yarmouth, especially by our houses.” I look at the streets and the branches on the ground. Power lines are down, and there are huge tree limbs covering the road. If it’s bad here, it must be even worse by our house, I think. 

We turn the bend onto Springer Lane. There are huge branches and some yards are covered with little twigs and tree limbs. I see my grandmother in the front yard picking up twigs and branches. The driveway is blocked off because a tree fell on it. The garden is ruined and twigs stick up from the ground like hair in the morning when you wake up. There is a huge tree limb on the top of the house suspended on the roof. 

I get out of the car. “Thank you for bringing her home,” My grandma says to Amanda and Lauren. 

“No problem,” they say.

“The storm is really bad,” my Grandma says.

“I know, our deck got ruined,” Amanda says.

“Oh wow!” 

“Your house looks like there were a few trees that fell.”

“Yes,” my grandmother agrees. I look around once more. The sound of fifteen generators running is ringing in my ears. Amanda, Lauren, and Vivian leave. “The power is out,” my Grandma calls from the other side of the yard. Of course it is, I think. 

I run inside, and call, “Where is Pa? 

“Working!” she calls back. Wow, I think a tornado just happened, how can he be working at a time like this? We are cleaning up the yard so much that we don’t even notice that it is already 7:30. We pick up dinner at Mike’s and have our calzones by candlelight and flashlight. I love living with no power!! It’s 9:45 and I have camp again tomorrow so I go to bed right after dinner. 

In the morning, the power is still out and Pa went to work at someone's house because their front window broke from the  tornado. Mimi tells me that we aren’t able to go to camp today because of the tornado. I have cereal quickly, and head outside to do yard work. In five minutes I am sweating, even though It is really cold outside. 

By the end of the day the power is still out, and I don’t really like it anymore. I FaceTime my mom and I tell her that  I don’t like living with no power. At dinner, Mimi says that my mom and dad may not be able to come down over the weekend, because of the tornado. She also tells us that when the tornado was happening she had to hide in the basement for over an hour. By evening, the power still has not come back on even though the tornado happened yesterday. The next morning I am able to go to camp, everyone is talking about the tornado and their experience at home. Lucy’s power has still not come back on also.

Later, after camp, I go home and help with yard work again. I am so annoyed that the power has not come back on that I just want to scream. My  mom and dad are definitely not coming if the power has not come back on yet. I go to sit on my bed and make a friendship bracelet when the light flickers…Is the power coming on?? The light comes on. “Yes!” I scream. I jump up and down on the bed and fall into the sheets.