Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

The College Process

By Dilan Patel '20

For four years

I chased a PDF

A summary of the experience that other people saw

I wanted it to look pretty


I haven’t quite gotten there yet

But I’m darn close

I set myself up to paint a pretty picture

On the piece of paper


But I must confess that I used a stencil as I was painting

A template to give me an artistic direction

One that was given to me by some ever-present existential being


I just need to add the finishing touches

The shading around the edges that lets me know that I care about what I’m doing


I had a hard time at first

The pictures done, for the most part

Anyone would look at it and think it was complete

Lots of people already did in far away meeting rooms without me


I never got to write an artist's statement, though

I guess I wouldn’t want anyone to see it

Why did I paint this particular picture

At what cost?


I never stopped to think about it

But I will when I’m painting my next picture


I don’t know what the picture will look like yet

But I think this time I don’t need a stencil

I’ll paint the picture that I want to

That way I know I’ll like it