Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT



GFA Steps

By Nathan DeLottie '28

The big steps are a pretty good part of GFA. Because of COVID-19 we can have some classes outside and so the Upper School has classes out there.

sculpture rhea

By Hazel Hempleman '28

The shiny grass surrounds the great Rhea. According to the Ashforth Company, a diversified real estate company, “It was in December 1985 when the late Henry A. Ashforth Jr. and past Chairman and CEO of The Ashforth Company commissioned sculptor William G. Tucker to have Rhea.” Students are wondering, what is Rhea?

Debate: Turf vs. Grass

By Will Horton '28

Over the past couple of years, many of GFA’s fields have switched to turf. Why are they better than natural, environmentally friendly fields with real grass?

Students Take on Trash Problems

By Whitney Klein '28

Clear containers stained with salad dressing, chip bags, and plastic utensils overflow a grey trash bin. Seagulls fly around the trash spilling out of the bin. Flies buzz, hovering over apples that are supposed to be in compost. A blast of wind blows over the fields, bringing the trash with it.

Split Opinions Over Class Swapping

By Rikki Frankel '28

A small group of kids sit in the classroom six feet apart. Masks rub on their faces making it hard to breathe. All eyes are on the smart board where their teacher's face appeared. Suddenly there is a loud screech and the smartboard goes black.

GFA old and new crest

By Lila Reiling '28

With the hiring of Mr. Bob Whelan as the new Head of School in the fall of 2018, the GFA community supported his quest to refresh the GFA logo.

New Dragon Lot Provides Much-Needed Recreation

By Janet Jezairian '28

You can smell the fresh air as you walk out of the school, and  basketballs bounce on the pavement. Newly painted lines are as red as a fresh apple. You can feel the hard, warm pavement through your shoes. The Dragon Lot is a place where kids play throughout the day, even art classes use it. But when was it built or put together?

Campfires at GFA

By Ilias Konstantinidis '28

Little campfires lie in a gully with huge trees around giving cover to them without anybody knowing.

Middle School Renovations

By Halliwell Kline '28

During the summer of 2021, the GFA middle school will undergo renovations to improve the classrooms. The construction will take place in the Middle School during vacation and hopefully be done before the start of the next school year.

Repurposed Rooms Galore!

By Elisa DiMiceli '28

The wafts of the day’s lunch drift into the alcove of the lunchroom. Yet last year, it was nothing but an extension of a lunchroom. Where were the circular tables and chairs? No, this year there were desks and more desks. Will it ever go back to being part of a cafeteria?

Why Are the Trees at GFA so Important?

By Chase Powers '28

On GFA’s campus, on some trees, there are some QR codes and plaques on a select few trees. Some way question, what they are for since we pass them almost every day outside.

Chloe Whelan

By Beckett Seymour '28

It was time, time to start recording the musical. Yes, you read correctly, the play was going to be recorded, instead of being put on in front of a live crowd.

Greens Farms Academy

By Andrew Meisel '28

The lawn is ruffled after a day of usage. People are pounding on it. The tall tent stands killing all the grass beneath it. The sun gleams on the trees, and the lawn maintenance workers are starting to work. Have you ever wondered what their job is like?