Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

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The Reviewers

baked goods

By Elle '27

“Chocolate,” “scrumptious,” “pastry perfection,” and “pleasant” are all words to describe Isabelle et Vincent, a bakery located in downtown Fairfield, Connecticut. Immediately as you walk in, you are in heaven and feel as though you have traveled to a French bakery in Paris.

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By Abdallah '27

Are you an individual who admires exotic food? Then Les Ambassades is just the place for you. Meaning “Embassies” in French, this restaurant offers West African cuisine and is located in Manhattan, not far from the New Jersey-New York state border.

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Enjoy some of the creative writing pieces our students are turning out this spring:


By Jakob Zapanta '24

We can do it. The solution, it’s right in front of us. It’s been there for years. We just need to take action. And once we do, it’ll be great. It’ll be historic. Our kids, our grandkids, they'll listen in awe as we tell them how the great world leaders of the 2020’s turned it all around. 

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light bulb

By Eleanor Raveis '27

I squeeze my legs to my chest and start to think about my grandparents and if they are okay. The counselors yell, “Tornado warning!!” I walk through the people who are all scared and are wondering what is happening.

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By Cayla Bernstein '21 

Dun Laoghaire Harbour, Ireland. Many tourists here, writers looking for an escape. They admire the lighthouse at the end of a sandpaper pier. Some watch the sun rise, some watch it set. Some even do both

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Beachside Press

Note from the editors:

Hi everyone! The Beachside Press is very excited to share our third edition of the year with you. With two op-eds on the Uighur Persecution in China and working in the election along with several articles on school events, we hope you find this edition interesting and informative.

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The Way We Live Now

The assignment: Write a piece for a literary journal dedicated to honest, vivid, and memorable nonfiction storytelling and reporting about the coronavirus outbreak. The task is to capture the human side of the story, documenting this extraordinary time with clarity and specificity. 

baby robins

By Avery Woodworth '22

The sun was radiant one Wednesday afternoon for a reason, although I didn’t know the reason for a while. The short blades of grass and the blooming hydrangeas planted beneath the window of my father’s office danced in the gentle breeze, and the flitting birds had a cheerful, even jubilant note in their songs.


By Jordan Liu '20

A couple of houses down the street, an overworked garage door groans, and out of the garage barrels a crusty red Toyota Camry. Though the windshield is stained with yellow pollen, it is clear that the driver is wearing a white cloth face mask and purple latex gloves. Hardly a surprise.


By Norelisa Nascimento '20

If I could, I would set up sixty-eight more chairs for each of my senior classmates. I try to stay hopeful for the day I get to hug all of them again, which seems like a heartwarming dream. With every stir, the embers come back to life. Don’t let the fire die.

Zip chip

By Jack Ramsay '20

The ZipChip feels like a soft hug around my gloved finger, and as I release it I’m generously offering the hug to my friend’s gloved finger, and he continues the train of affection to the next receiver. It’s a sanitary expression of longing and recognition.

bench near pond

By Callie Morgan '20

Whatever the reason, I always felt the need to multitask. I passed the time listening to a podcast for history class or FaceTiming a friend, AirPods always in, head always down. It felt wrong to be without my phone this time, but I knew that we needed some time apart, so I persevered.


The Music Within
360 of a circle

"Take On Me" (written by A-Ha, Magne Furuholmen, Morten Harket, Pål Waaktaar; arr. by Pentatonix)

"Hallelujah" (written by Leonard Cohen, arr. by Pentatonix)