Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

Off-Campus Study Programs

If you are interested in these programs, please feel free to reach out to Ward Abel. The programs listed below have been approved by GFA, while other programs are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Off-Campus Study Programs 2018-19

School Year Abroad (SYA)

School Year Abroad operates schools in China, France, Spain offering sophomores and juniors the opportunity to live with a host family for an entire academic year while earning U.S. graduation credits and preparing for selective U.S. colleges and universities.

High Mountain Institute

Through its Rocky Mountain Semester program, HMI offers juniors students the opportunity to focus on rigorous academics and community and leadership skills through participation in a small community on campus in Leadville, Colorado and on three wilderness expeditions through the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

The Island School

Located on Cape Eleuthera, The Island School ask students How to live well in a place and offers sophomores and juniors a full range of academic classes, as well as first-hand engagement with the people and environment of The Bahamas.

The School for Ethics & Global Leadership

SEGL is a semester-long program in Washington, DC for highly motivated high school juniors interested in exploring global affairs and leadership. The program emphasizes critical thinking skills, leadership development, and international affairs, using a case-study method and taking advantage of resources in the Washington, D.C. area.

Maine Coast Semester at Chewonki

Located on a 400-acre saltwater peninsula campus in northern New England, Chewonki offers high school juniors an opportunity to abandon the confines of the classroom, to go beyond lectures and books, and learn to read the world. In a typical year, Chewonki welcomes students from fifty-two schools and twenty-one states. Selected on the basis of their intellectual energies, strength of character, and creativity, students arrive with a diversity of traits and backgrounds to face this challenging new environment.

The Mountain School

The Mountain School cultivates a diverse and interdependent community of scholars who learn to know a place and take care of it. Through collaborative learning and shared work, high school juniors emerge from their semester prepared to reach beyond the self and focus on the common good.


Students must be pre-approved by GFA before they may apply to any off-campus program.

The school will only pre-approve students who are in excellent academic standing and who have the maturity to handle the added work needed to make necessary transitions.

Pre-approval involves three steps:
  1. The students meets with Global Studies Faculty to discuss their intention to apply for an off-campus study program. The student follows up by writing and interest statement describing where he/she wishes to apply and why.
  2. The student meet with college guidance to discuss how a semester away would affect the four-year course plan.
  3. The student and family meet with Head of Upper School to review course selection and discuss GFA policies for off-campus study


Upon completing the pre-approval process, the student and his/her family are responsible for completing the admission and financing applications directly with the off-campus program. The programs themselves have the final choice of which of GFA’s pre-approved candidates to accept.

Additional Policies

The school reserves the right to set a reasonable limit on the number of students who can attend off-campus programs during any given academic year. No student will be permitted to attend more than one semester or year-long program during his or her time in the Upper School at GFA. Students who have completed an off-campus program are required to give a presentation about their experience to the full student body at a special assembly the following fall. Students away from campus for their junior or senior year are not eligible for valedictorian or salutatorian status. Families of students attending year-long programs will be required to put down a deposit to hold the student’s place for the following year.