Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

So much better than "Middle School."

Middle School

We begin together.

Every Middle School student belongs to a “house”— our intensive, attentive version of a homeroom. The house system allows students to form families within the larger Middle School family (which is like a family within the GFA family). Every student also joins an Advisory — a group of 10 or so students, under the mentorship of a faculty advisor, who meet daily to talk about academic work, social dynamics, and political issues. (Advisors also collect cell phones for the school day.) Crucially, advisors serve as a link between home, house, and school. We also begin new experiences together: At the end of Middle School, seniors meet with eighth graders to talk about what’s ahead in the Upper School.

We get ambitious together.

In our annual Marketplace of Ideas, teams of students develop and pitch products and programs that address pressing global issues. Our faculty-led travel programs are an immersive intellectual and social experience; recent examples include sustainability at the Island School in the Bahamas, culture and community in the Pacific Northwest, and French language and culture in Quebec. Our students participate in the Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair—and win honors for projects like a charities-based app, a reactive climbing helmet, and a prototype for an automated, floating, trash-collecting robot. Anything is possible.

I’d like to be on the Supreme Court. I know it seems far-fetched, but GFA is all about dreaming big and reaching for the stars.

Scarlett, grade 8

We (re)search together.

One thread that runs through the Middle School experience: Research. Students write (and revise!) papers, conduct (and re-try!) lab experiments, and, in eighth grade, complete a semester-long Capstone project, culminating with a defense of their thesis to peers and teachers. It’s like an ongoing workshop in close observation, analytical thinking, and the clear, compelling presentation of evidence and ideas.

We stay strong together.

That commitment starts with a three-season athletic requirement. At a time of significant physical growth, we offer interscholastic and recreational options that develop coordination, confidence, sportsmanship, and sport-specific skills. For much more about athletics at GFA, click here.

We serve together.

We believe that service is an education in empathy, collaboration, and responsibility. That’s why we build it into our curriculum. A few examples: Seventh graders choose an extended engagement: tutoring in local schools, volunteering at an eldercare center, overseeing the Middle School greenhouse. Fifth graders produce a Halloween Carnival for their Lower School friends. The entire Middle School community participates in annual events, from food drives to bike-a-thons. 



The experience of a middle school child at Greens Farms is a rich one with a wide variety of offerings in all disciplines. In addition to the core academic, artistic, and athletic possibilities, we also provide a number of special extracurricular options for middle school students.

Middle School Newsmakers

STEAM success!

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