Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

Service Learning

Service is at the core of who we are. It furthers our mission of preparing students for a life of purpose. Through the program, students practice empathy, understand citizenship, and begin a lifelong habit of service.

Food Drive

In every division, students engage in on-going projects on and off campus. Through these projects we build rich partnerships with the surrounding community. The projects are also linked to the curriculum, expanding the classroom and allowing students to see the world beyond themselves. There are also several school-wide donation drives and fundraisers throughout the year.

Service Learning:

  • engages all students;
  • offers repeat experiences;
  • builds sustained, mutually beneficial relationships with community partners;
  • focuses on active participation;
  • offers opportunities for student voice and leadership;
  • is connected to the broader program; and
  • offers opportunities to reflect.

GFA has a long tradition of community service. For generations, the school has partnered with organizations in Fairfield County and around the world, with students in the lead: volunteering at area eldercare facilities and Bridgeport elementary schools, maintaining trails at the Audubon, biking for Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, sharing their talents at the annual Harmony for the Homeless fundraiser. Community Service Coordinator, Sue Wilchinsky, has supported these efforts, firm in the belief we all share: there are no more important lessons and habits for young people than the ones they develop through service. 

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