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Dear Members of the Greens Farms Academy Community,

We are very excited to welcome Bob Whelan as the school's next Head and to share with you the on-going plans for the transition in GFA's leadership that will take place in July.

We recognize how fortunate we are to have Janet Hartwell at the helm, continuing to contribute her wisdom and vision. Janet, along with GFA's talented administrative team and dedicated faculty and staff, can be credited with the school being ideally poised for this transition.

Bob will visit our campus a number of times in the next few months so that he can become familiar with the people and culture of GFA. Over the course of these visits, he will participate in several community events and meet with many key constituent groups. We will leave the spring for us to focus exclusively on celebrating Janet's legacy.

Bob is looking forward to experiencing school traditions and mingling with the GFA community during his visits to campus. He plans to be in attendance at the following school events:

  • Pack the House, January 26
  • Lower School Talent Show, March 29
  • Parent Association Meeting, April 19

We want to thank you, in advance, for your help in welcoming Bob and his family to our wonderful school community!

Arlene Howard and Kate Roth
Trustees and Co-chairs, Head of School Transition Committee

Transition Committee

In order to ensure that the transition is a smooth and successful one, the Board of Trustees has established a Transition Committee of faculty, staff, parents, trustees, alums, and students. This Committee will have a number of roles: further introducing Bob to GFA as well as the broader community in the months ahead; providing support and guidance throughout the first year of his tenure; and extending a warm welcome to Bob and his wife, Annie, and their children, Chloe and Ben.

Transition Committee

Arlene Howard - Trustee
Kate Roth '90 - Trustee

Ward Abel - Faculty
Carolyn Cohen - Trustee
Amy Colbert - Faculty
Ethan Furman - Student Ambassador
Gail Gibb - Staff
Shelley Goldsmith - Trustee
Beth James - Faculty
Jenn Klein - Faculty
Chris Kolovos - Faculty
Lynne Laukhuf - Trustee
Rikeh Saingbe - Student Ambassador
Candace Wagner - PA Co-President

Educators' Collaborative

Jean Lamont and John Mackenzie


Carolyn Cohen - Trustee
Lynne Laukhuf - Trustee

Shelley Goldsmith - Trustee

Sarah Bayzick - Faculty
Vani Bettegowda - Trustee
David Durkin - Trustee
Andrew Jones - Faculty
Charlie King - Faculty
Stephen Lawrence - Trustee
Tricia Vanacore - Trustee
Zac Zeitlin - Trustee


Justine Fellows - Faculty
Drew Meyer - Faculty
Samantha Mooney - Trustee

Jim Brown
Aléwa Cooper
Frances Nixon Denote
Michael Diamond
Mari Flicker ‘83
Jennifer Klein
Victor Llanque Zonta
Kate Roth ‘90
Jenny San Jose
Carolyn Skiba
Michele Whelan