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Kindergarten in the Wild

Our Kindergarteners are making discoveries and creations through the nature that surrounds us right here at GFA! Last week both classes went outside to create paint brushes with sticks, leaves, bristles, and flowers - any element you can imagine picking off the ground, tree, or a bush. These handmade paint brushes were then used to create collaborative pieces of artwork in each class. The students dipped their brushes into an assortment of colors, each student got to participate in each painting. The overlap and blending of one friend's work onto another was encouraged as the classes came together to create the artwork. 

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Christina Whittaker Named Executive Director of Horizons GFA

Christina Whittaker, GFA class of 2008, has been named Executive Director of Horizons GFA. Christina joined the GFA community as a 7th grade student in 2002. When she began her GFA journey, Christina’s English teacher, Robbi Hartt, recommended that she volunteer with the Horizons program. She was an avid student and Robbi saw it as an opportunity for Christina to get involved and work with other students to support them in a subject she was passionate about. Since that day in 2002, Christina has felt passionate about working in education, with Horizons being a major part of her life. 

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Interview With Carol Wallace

Carol Wallace ’73 has written more than twenty books, including the New York Times bestseller To Marry an English Lord, which was an inspiration for the television series Downton Abbey. Her new novel, Our Kind of People, was released in January 2022. Wallace holds degrees from Greens Farms Academy, Princeton University, and Columbia University. She currently lives in Washington Heights, New York with her husband and has two children and two grandchildren, one just a few blocks away.

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Interview With Eve Symington

Eve Symington '06 is a director, producer, and writer. After making her first movies in the backyard at age 11, Evie is thrilled that her first feature film has just been released by XYZ Films. Brut Force is a twisty wine country thriller starring her sister Lelia Symington ’10, and comes recommended by the New York Times. You can watch Brut Force on Tubi. 

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