Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

Welcoming GFA's New Faculty and Staff

By Erin Thorkilsen
Director of Associate Teachers; Mindfulness 

It was a gift to welcome our outstanding group of new faculty to campus last week during orientation. As an innovative, inclusive, and globally-minded community, our hope is for all new faculty and staff to quickly find a sense of belonging within GFA. Some of our framework for orientation draws from Belonging author, Owen Eastwood, who shares to develop belonging:“find an identity story, define a shared purpose, and vision future success.” Therefore, orientation participants heard from many members of our community about what GFA means to them, did a close reading of the mission, shared the “story of their names,” and began to build partnerships by socially gathering with each other and returning faculty. Common themes shared by current faculty and reflected upon by new faculty members included passion for our work, placing students at the center of what we do, supportive colleagues, and a community where it’s safe to take risks and make mistakes. 

We are so fortunate to have such a dynamic new group of community members and can’t wait for you to meet them, too!

New Administrators & Staff

Eric Lee, Director of Athletics and Physical Education
Lauren Weller, Director of Advancement Services

New Faculty Members

Lower School
Barbara Hearn, Fourth Grade Lead Teacher
Carrie Amicucci, Associate Teacher
Mary Atkeson, Associate Teacher
Lindsay Blackburn, Associate Teacher
David Claeson, Associate Teacher
Tatiana Crawford '16, Associate Teacher
Stephanie Fazekas, Associate Teacher
Kelsie Hermance, Associate Teacher

Middle School
Elena Aniel, Spanish
Matthew Ducharme, Science
Isabella Ferrante '15, Grade 5 Associate Teacher
Marc Maier, English
Selassie Sayon, History and Global Studies
Allison Stine, History and Global Studies

Upper School
Julianne (Juli) Gerdes, Science
Jordan Kravitz, English and Tenth-Grade Dean
Paul Ramaley, Science

Click here for photos from orientation, and see our New Faces page for more information on this talented group.