Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

Starting Anew

The apple trees are in full bloom, students are settling into routines, and traditions — new and old — are being upheld. The start of a new school year brings many feelings, but the most consistent is that of joy. Below, the Division Heads share their thoughts and feelings on the start of school, as well as share their advice for the best way to navigate the fall season.

Jane Verlin
Head of Lower School

There’s nothing like the start of a new school year! Having parents back on campus made it that much sweeter. We are so grateful for the partnership between home and school, and our children thrive because of it. Adjusting to the routines and rhythm of school can take some time for children (and parents!). While many children spend long, hot summer days outdoors at camp with no problem, the transition to school can be mentally and physically taxing in a different way. If your child seems cranky, or tired and wired in the evening, they are not alone. Getting to sleep at a reasonable time is essential in these first two weeks; if it’s helpful, please tell your child that school said so! 


Drew Meyer
Head of Middle School

With Convocation, class photos, orientation activities, and, oh yes, a few classes, the middle school started the year with a “bang.”  There’s always a sense of promise about the start of school as students and faculty create new connections, friendships, and the community we find is always a little different. I mentioned to some of our new students that I, too, get nervous when we come back in September — it takes a little while to feel comfortable truly. The great thing, though, is we can all rely on each other at these times.  


Andrew Jones
Head of Upper School

There is simply nothing better than getting school started in the fall!  We have been delighted to have students on campus, and as courses get underway, we’re enjoying seeing new and familiar faces and making new connections. We are off to a roaring start, and I hope that despite the well-earned adolescent reputation for monosyllabic responses to our variations on “How was your day?”, you’ve been getting some reports about the start of school. I would encourage you to reach out to your child’s advisor if you have any questions — and I’m of course always happy for the chance to connect with you as well.