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Stand Up for Injustice

By Jenifer Bonilla
Ninth grade

I support today’s walkout because people are speaking out in order to be happy and comfortable in their bodies and in their day to day lives.

Most of us have the luxury to accept our gender assigned at birth. Other people believe in what they would like to be and not have their life planned for them based on their assigned gender identity. Most people want to be happy in their day to day lives, and have at least one happy moment, but transgender people cannot be comfortable if people don’t accept them. Because it’s not “common” and because some people are stubborn in understanding differences, some individuals are not able to find the happiness they search for.

Let us go back to our early childhood, when we were introduced to the concept of empathy and not always thinking about what you want, but thinking about what others are feeling and going through. I am so proud of people who decide to come out, break the social norm, talk about this injustice, making it known that they will not be erased. They have risked friendships and their social image in order to live freely like you and me.

Trump wants to remove their rights. Well, he’ll just be increasing the number of suicides of young teenagers feeling the pressure of people like him who can’t accept difference and don’t let people live in their true identity, and instead try to categorize and force people into boxes.

Please, say something if injustices are being done, let this topic spread so people can be more aware, and think about the lives that are being lost due to people not being empathetic.