Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

Middle School Art Visiting Teacher

Middle School Art Visiting Teacher

If you step into the Middle School art classroom you will find an image on the wall of a spiral staircase. What does it lead to? Who made this photograph?

Where the staircase leads and the significance of the photograph is up to your imagination to decide. Who was the eye behind the lens who captured the image: GFA Maintenance team member, Mike Cavalier.

GFA is a place where there is always something new to be uncovered. The community here is made up of students, teachers, and staff members who are passionate about a wide variety of topics.

Along with being a vital part of the GFA Maintenance team, Mike is an exceptional photographer. A couple weeks ago the 8th grade art classes had the pleasure of having Mike instruct a few photography lessons.

The students greatly enjoyed getting to see Mr. Cavalier's work. It was a great inspiration for how to see objects and spaces in a creative way and how to take something that we see every day and turn it into a work of art. As the students worked with Mr. Cavalier, they focused on the composition of their photos - they were very intentional about how they cropped their photos and framed their subjects. 

Below are three of the student's photographs that they made during their time with Mr. Cavalier.

Photo by Livia, Grade 8.

Photo by Cass, Grade 8.

Photo by Emily, Grade 8.