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Learning the Process

Prior to spring break, the Intro to Visual Arts classes hosted a Visiting Animator via Zoom. Two US students, Riley Meyer '24 and Jack Logan '24 recount their experiences.


Filmmaker Danielle Ash visited our Into to Visual Arts class via Zoom to share some of her work and talk about the filmmaking process. She mainly works in stop motion animation, using clay and recycling cardboard as her materials. The films that she made were not only very interesting, as they showed us just how detailed the process of creating a stop motion animation actually is, but also fun to watch because of the creativity used in them. One of the ones that we watched was about the real women who worked during WWII, the faces behind the patriotic poster Rosie the Riveter. This film was fascinating to watch because of interviews conducted mixed with the cardboard stop motion animation. It made the stories of the women in the interviews come to life, as well as create a more engaging video because of the animation. Another one that we watched was actually aired on Sesame Street, and this one was also interesting to watch because we got to see photos of Danielle actually filming the short video, which was cool because we got to see the behind-the-scenes of the process. I enjoyed watching her work, and got a better understanding of the meticulous process of stop motion animation; it really is time-consuming! It was a great way to learn about the process of it from a professional, and because of this, I thought her visit was amazing. 
— Riley Meyer '24

Danielle visited our art class and showed us some of her work. She works in making stop motion films, specializing in cardboard. She first showed us a video she made about Rosie the Riveter, illustrating the history of women working during World War II. Her work portrayed this through an interview process with some of the women as well as stop motion scenes made out of cardboard. It was a fun and engaging way to learn about history. She also showed us more of her very impressive work with stop motion and described the process of making these films. Danielle's visit was awesome, engaging, and very informative! 
— Jack Logan '24


visiting animator
visiting animator