Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

Kindergarten in the Wild

Our Kindergarteners are making discoveries and creations through the nature that surrounds us right here at GFA! Last week both classes went outside to create paint brushes with sticks, leaves, bristles, and flowers - any element you can imagine picking off the ground, tree, or a bush. These handmade paint brushes were then used to create collaborative pieces of artwork in each class. The students dipped their brushes into an assortment of colors, each student got to participate in each painting. The overlap and blending of one friend's work onto another was encouraged as the classes came together to create the artwork. 

This week they set off as an entire grade on an adventure to Burying Hill Beach. A moment in guided discovery, the students found creatures that live under water, under rocks, and in the sand. Friends worked together on their explorations, helping each other with their buckets and nets as well as assisting each other as they climbed over rocks and waded through the water. Led by curiosity and wonder, Kindergarten has been experiencing all of the magic and beauty that can be found in the nature that surrounds GFA.