Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

Island School: Day 4

By Ellie ‘25

Breakfast was really good today. We had cinnamon rolls and oatmeal.  We then went to the boat house to learn about coral reefs before we headed out on the boat where we snorkeled and some people scuba dived over the reef.  We saw damselfish, basslets and angelfish and some sea stars. After about 45 minutes, we had a chance to jump off the top of the boat into the beautiful water.  I jumped from the side because the top was a bit too high. I did however enjoy the sitting on the top for the ride there and back.

By Ben ’25

After lunch, we had some time to get our things before we took a van to the ruins. The ruins were a hotel from the 70’s that went out of business due to the remote island, Eleuthera. It was a large place, missing the roof of the buildings so all that we saw remaining were concrete walls.  Much vegetation and plants had moved in. We took a short hike to the water towers, where I stuck my head in to hear the echo. It was cool. After our hike we went to the marina. There were a couple of sharks in the marina that came to the surface when we pointed the water hose at the water. We also had the chance to refuel at the store and exploration time after that. Some of us swam and snorkeled and we saw a baby shark swim right by us and a barracuda that jumped out of the water.