Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

Island School: Day 3

By Brady ’23, Henry ’23, Daniela ’23

The day started bright and early with a 7 AM trip to High Rock, a tall and imposing cliff of sharp rocks that stood as the right-of-passage for all travelers of the Island School. After a successful jump by all of the group, we headed back to campus for breakfast. The breakfast was Sousse, an odd soup like dish. After eating, the group headed out to the aquaponics area to learn about an ingenious system where the waste from fish is used as nutrients for plants that can be eaten by people on campus. After our lesson in both aqua culture and hydroponics we got wind that the previous night a bunch of baby piglets were born. We ran over to the farm to see the new born piggies. They were so cute and small having just been born they were resting in the sunlight, the golden glow shining of their yet-to-be hairy skin. After gawking at the tiny pink babies we were given the task of “chicken duty” which included herding, catching, washing and weighing the chickens. It sounds simple enough but with countless “runners” the washing and weighing became a difficult task with plenty of wing flapping. The runners also provided a second job, for the craziest chicken catchers. The catching of the rogue chickens. The rogues were ludicrously speedy and deceptive chickens that took around four people to catch. But somehow all were caught. And with our sweaty faces, and hungry stomached we headed to lunch. After lunch we took a drive to Deep Creek to tag turtles. To get to the beach we had to wade a quarter of a mile through waste deep water. We took a real swim in the creek while waiting for the turtles and saw some cool fish, including a sea cucumber. When the turtle team got back, the had no turtles. With high hopes, they set off to try and find us at least one turtle. We went back to swimming for little while and the team came back empty handed. As much as we were bummed, we still had a great experience learning about tagging sea turtles and the different research programs involving the turtles. After we finished we waded back to the vans and drove back to the school. During exploration time some people went swimming but some of us stayed back and napped or read. For dinner we had tacos, which were great. We learned more about turtle tagging for evening activity and soon went back to our dorms. Upon return, we heard screams and ram inside to see our whole bathroom wall covered in bugs, including a frog and a gecko. An eventful evening bonded us as a group a bit more too!