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I Wouldn't Trade This for Anything

By Elizabeth Jones '23

Elizabeth Jones

Jones as Diana in Diana of Dobson's

This fall, I am lucky enough to play Diana in Diana of Dobson’s — a 27-year-old, single shop-girl living in early 20th century London. My character makes so little money, that she's forced to share a room with her workmates in a dorm. Her only hope for social and economic improvement is marriage, which (at 27) is unlikely. Like a miracle, my character inherits quite a bit of money from a distant relative and the rollercoaster ride begins. It’s fun and humorous as well as powerful and relevant to the discussions we’re having in America today.

Aside from using my British accent, having the chance to play a character who hates injustice just as much as I do is amazing. I would describe Diana as righteous, courageous, confident, proud, and vulnerable. Having the chance to tackle this character is a fantastic opportunity. 

Having seen so much great Zoom theater over the summer, I was sure that GFA's first virtual performance would work. The rehearsal process has gone very smoothly. Mr. Stout offers the same level of support and engagement as if we were there in person — he has been a great help to the whole cast. 

Even through Zoom, the cast feels the same camaraderie as if we were working together in person. I have great friendships with these people on- and off-screen. Everyone has been such a good sport about it and it goes to show just how supportive we all are of one another at GFA. Feeling this sense of community and being in this production with these amazing people, it’s all I could ever ask for. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.