Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

Horizons GFA Summer Program 2022

Horizons GFA's 6 week summer program finished off the 2022 season last Friday. Horizons GFA is a PreK through College program. The majority of students begin in their early education years and remain through college, building lifelong connections while experiencing unique and enriching opportunities. 

The Horizons GFA Summer program is PreK through 8th Grade. Throughout the school year, students come to GFA campus on various Saturdays to work on their academics as well as social and emotional learning. At the end of the school year, and then again at the end of their 6-week summer program, students take a STAR exam to map their academic growth. These exams indicate major leaps in the Horizons students’ academic performance. During the 6 week summer program of 2021, the average reading growth was 3.5 months overall, and six months for below grade-level learners. Average math growth was five months overall, and six months for below grade-level learners.

The students have a vigorous course load over the summer, but their days are packed full of fun activities. Inside and out of the classroom each day is filled with excitement and joy. Every week begins with a program-wide meeting on Monday morning, and ends with a field trip on Fridays. It’s been a summer of learning and a summer of fun.