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Great Egg-spectations: Third Grade Chicks Have Hatched!

Great Egg-spectations: Third Grade Chicks Have Hatched!

Third grade has been quite busy with the arrival of several baby chickens! When the first two chicks hatched over Presidents Day Weekend, the third graders returned to an egg-citing surprise. 

This is the second year that the Lower School third grade science curriculum has included this lively new unit. Starting this fall, students devoted class time to  exploring the life cycle and anatomy of a chicken. They developed hypotheses, asked questions, and gained an im-peck-able understanding of our feathered friends. Some questions included “What makes the chick bigger inside the egg?” and “When will they get wings?” They got their answers to these and much and even studied genetics, the meaning of shell color, and signs to look for to assess survival. 

After several days of counting down until the chicks hatched and checking the eggs daily for signs of development, the students were ready to welcome their new feathered friends to the flock. This week, the chicks got to take a break from their heated pen to play with third graders, who beak-ed their interest and kept them busy. 

On Friday, March 10, before the students leave for break, the chicks will be transferred to a local farm. 

Check out photos from their playtime with the chicks on our Flickr, and see below for some jokes written by our comedi-hen students:   

Why can’t an egg tell a joke? Because they’ll crack up!
Why do chicks not take a bath? Because they already come out wet!
What did the chick say to the clown? You crack me up!