Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

Feathered Friends Visit Lower School

Feathered Friends Visit Lower School

GFA’s Lower School had a few feathery friends visit during their assembly on Wednesday! Bill Robinson from Robinson's Wildlife brought in several raptors, including a red tailed hawk, turkey vulture, barred owl, barn owl, falcon, and two reptiles. 

Robinson’s session gave lower school students the opportunity to see the creatures up close and personal, and attendees were amazed as they learned about the ways different birds hunt for food and make their homes. With a thick glove to protect his arm from the razor sharp talons, Robinson gave a detailed presentation about each animal, explaining what makes them unique and stand apart from other birds of prey. 

“One of the things that I like about animals is that every creature I've ever seen has had something special on its body that helps it to survive,” he said, referring to the fierce eyes on the red tailed hawk. “Even if she's way up there in the sky, she can look down and see a little mouse right in the grass.” 

In addition to the few hunting raptors that visited, Robinson introduced the turkey vulture, a scavenger that tends to eject food on things that might scare him. Though most faculty and students seemed relieved that the vulture was friendly enough to not view everyone as a threat, some seemed disappointed not to see the unique self defense mechanism. “It’s pretty disgusting stuff but it works, it makes you go away!” Robinson exclaimed.

Towards the end of assembly, Robinson let an unsuspecting lower schooler pet a faux Great Horned Owl, presented a small alligator, and let one lucky student hold a King Snake.