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DMC, Destiny, and Drawing Parallels Between Students and Superheroes

DMC, Destiny, and Drawing Parallels Between Students and Superheroes

By Meghan Chew

During his visit with the GFA community, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels spoke frequently about destiny, particularly highlighting how our campus, our building, was destined to be a school. He said this building was not just any building, not another office or department store, but was destined to be a school for learning. He reiterated that destiny also brought us all together for this moment. The more Darryl spoke about destiny; I couldn't help but think about his love of superhero comics as a driving force behind the stories he told.

Every iconic superhero begins with an origin story, a crucial event that carves out their identity and directs them onto their destined path. Superhero journeys usually fall into one of three experiences forged from trauma, destiny, or chance. Darryl's visit drew a parallel between the origin stories of superheroes and the experience our students will inevitably have just by being on this campus and by being with one another. Reflecting on his time with us, it becomes evident that this visit might serve as an origin story for many of our own students. Students who now see themselves as authors, as poets and even rockstars because of his visit.  

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