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DC: Day 3

students at museum

By Katherine E. and Lacey A.

Day 3 is officially complete, and we think all the eighth graders can agree that it was the best! We started off the morning, like usual, with breakfast, where we continued to enjoy our French toast, potatoes, and sausages.

From breakfast, we hurried out the door to catch the double decker bus to take us on the way to our first of three museums: The International Spy Museum. All the eighth graders enjoyed this super interactive, informative, museum.

After spending a productive couple of hours here, we went on our way to enjoy a pizza lunch in the park. We sat around in the beautiful weather while preparing for our next stop: The Chinese American Museum. We learned all about the history of the Chinese heritage and a lot about the relationship between the US and China throughout the 1800s.

After this museum, we went on our way to the last memorial of the trip: The Jefferson Memorial. We took some photos, enjoyed the quotes and the beautiful memorial. Unfortunately, it began to drizzle, but that did not stop us from continuing to the last museum: The African American Museum. It was a stunning set up with different floors with both information and African American pop-culture.

We spent around 2 hours here until we made our way back to the hotel room to get ready for the dinner cruise! It might be safe to say that this was one of the highlights of the trip. We arrived at the boat with 2 other schools, and all took our seats before enjoying the meal. There was an array of tacos, mac and cheese, veggies, and dessert. Once we all finished our dinner, we went outside to admire the gorgeous view of the Potomac River. Eventually, we went back inside and started to dance with some of the other schools. We spent the whole night jumping around and spending time with each other.

We eventually had to head back to the hotel and wrap up the night for an early departure the next day. Today was the perfect way to end our eighth grade Washington DC trip!