Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage in the Middle School

By Isabella Ferrante
Middle School Associate Teacher, Grade 5; Sixth Grade Study Skills Teacher

On October 5, the halls of the Middle School were populated with cards celebrating famous individuals with Hispanic or Latinx heritage including Lin-Manuel Miranda, Amy Rodríguez, and Diana Trujillo. However, there were more exciting bios listed amongst these celebrities. Members of the GFA Middle School community were invited to submit information and pictures of themselves if they had Hispanic or Latinx heritage to be featured in the Middle-School-wide scavenger hunt bingo.

Towards the end of September, Middle School Spanish teacher Elena Aniel and I began planning a school-wide event to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. While the bingo cards Elena had found proved exciting, with many names and faces the middle school students were sure to recognize, we thought of another way to get the students excited, involved, and educated about individuals with Hispanic and Latinx heritage.

We created a Google Form that was sent to the Middle School community asking people with Hispanic and Latinx heritage to give their name, grade, Hispanic/Latinx heritage, some hobbies, and a picture of themselves. Five individuals, two teachers, and three students submitted their bios and were able to be highlighted and celebrated in the scavenger hunt.

Over the next ten days, until the end of Hispanic Heritage month on October 15, students were able to work together with other members of their house (each student is sorted into one of four houses at the beginning of their GFA Middle School career: Audubon, Orchard, Marsh, and Sound) to find an individual with a detail listed on the bingo card. Once the students turned in their team’s card, with varying levels of completeness, they earned house points on behalf of their house.

This is the first of many activities in celebration of different cultures and diversity planned in the Middle School for this school year!